Corporate Social Responsibility

We manage our business with due regard to our stakeholders’ best interests, and are committed to being recognised as a good corporate citizen and neighbour. We strive to support our people at work as well as in their broader lives and also to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our performance in relation to the society in which we operate and our impact on the environment is a critical part of measuring our overall performance. Corporate Social Responsibility ('CSR') is led by the Chief Executive Officer. Our Health, Safety, Environment Community and Quality ('HSECQ') manager reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and has responsibility for creating a framework and maintaining the HSECQ Management System for the management of the Group’s non-financial impacts.

Our CSR objectives are:
  • Strategy: Integrating long-term economic, environmental and social aspects into JKX's business strategy while maintaining technical excellence
  • Financial: Meeting shareholders' demands for sound financial returns, long-term economic growth, open communication and transparent financial reporting.
  • Customer and product: Fostering loyalty by investing in customer relationship management and product and service innovation that focuses on using technologies and systems economically over the long term.
  • Governance and stakeholder: Setting the highest standards of corporate governance and stakeholder engagement, including corporate codes of conduct and public reporting.
  • Human: Managing human resources to maintain workforce capabilities and employee satisfaction through best-in-class organisational learning, knowledge management and remuneration and benefit programs.